Plan Details

Starting as a small academic enclave in a pastoral setting about 260 years ago, Princeton's campus has grown to span more than 500 acres today. 

To prepare for the campus' next period of growth, the University has begun a new campus planning effort that will look at the period from 2016 to 2026, with a long-term outlook as well.

The University's current construction efforts are driven by the last campus planning effort, which began in 2006 and looked ahead to 2016 and beyond and involved a thorough analysis of the 380-acre campus by a team of experts and a University steering committee, with significant involvement by stakeholders on campus and in neighboring communities. The plan was released in 2008 as a 24-page brochure, and as a 180-page book covering everything from campus history, neighborhoods and landscaping to parking and traffic. Both the brochure and book are available as PDF downloads below, and the archived website for the 2016 campus planning process also is available.