Project updates

Project description

To help guide people to their destinations and welcome them to campus, the University has planned a wayfinding program of signs and maps to assist vehicles and pedestrians.

After a municipal approval process, the sign program is now being implemented. Before the 2012 Reunions, 38 vehicular wayfinding signs were installed on campus and on the main arteries leading to campus. Directional signs for pedestrian destinations and parking were completed in 2013.

In addition, buildings without identification signage are being given a standardized ID sign with the building's title or address. Related to this effort, the campus map was updated and re-designed in color, and campus map kiosks are being replaced with new kiosks in existing and new locations.

Master plan for wayfinding improvements

Master plan for wayfinding improvements

Residential college sign

Residential college sign

TigerTransit sign

TigerTransit (campus shuttle) sign near Clio Hall

vehicular wayfinding sign

Mock-up for a vehicular wayfinding sign