Waste Transfer Station #2

To improve the quality of the campus landscape and to reduce truck traffic on campus, the University has initiated a more environmentally friendly system of collecting and removing trash and recyclables. This system is based on consolidating the collection areas into three regional waste transfer stations which will replace the many dumpster sites now scattered throughout campus.  

Instead of large trash trucks, the system uses small carts to collect trash placed in bags outside buildings before dawn. Between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., the carts deliver the bags to their assigned waste transfer station. Recyclables and trash are separately compacted at the station into large sealed containers and held for collection by flatbed trucks. 

The waste transfer station #2 was completed in 2010 and is now serving the southeast quadrant of campus. It is located off Faculty Road between Jadwin Gym and DeNunzio Pool. Another will be built at the Grounds Support Area, south of lot 17 and west of Bedford Field, where it will serve buildings west of Washington Road.

The new system will improve the pedestrian experience by removing a source of noisy, heavy truck traffic and will enhance the campus environment by replacing 26 dumpster sites with landscaped open space.