Sidewalks & Walkways

An important sustainability goal for the University is to encourage more people to walk or bike to campus rather than drive. This not only reduces traffic on campus, but also reduces our carbon footprint.

As incentives for walking or bicycling to campus, safe, attractive campus walks are being added to fill gaps in the current network of paths and sidewalks. These will link the campus with surrounding communities of campus housing, providing convenient routes to central campus from nearby graduate student and faculty-staff housing. Along Faculty Road, the new infill sidewalks will form a continuous link between Harrison and Alexander streets. New walks along Western Way, FitzRandolph Road and Broadmead Street will link directly to borough sidewalks to the north and east. All walks will have lighting and enhanced landscaping. Where permitted by local ordinance, bicycles will also be able to use the new walks.

Sidewalks completed to date, or now under construction include:

  • A walk from the upper Elm Drive Circle extending east along South Drive to Soccer Walk where it rejoins the existing sidewalk. This offers a dedicated pedestrian route between west side parking areas and athletic venues to the east.
  • The Boathouse Walk through restored woodlands, connecting South Drive with Faculty Road, just west of Bedford Field. It connects the Boathouse and Lakeside to points north.
  • A sidewalk on Western Way.
  • A sidewalk on Faculty Road’s north side between DeNunzio Pool and FitzRandolph Road. This is the newest portion of what will become a continuous side walk along Faculty Road between Harrison and Alexander streets.
  • A sidewalk on Faculty Road between FitzRandolph Road and Broadmead Street.
  • A sidewalk on Broadmead Street between Faculty Road and the unnamed road past the child care centers at 171 Broadmead St.

In addition, a pedestrian crossing light will be constructed at the intersection of Broadmead Street and Faculty Road.

Boathouse Walk

Boathouse Walk provides a pedestrian/bicycle link between Faculty Road and South Drive.