Planning for 2016-2026 and Beyond

Princeton University has begun to develop a new plan that will establish a framework to guide the evolution of the campus from 2016 through 2026, and beyond. It will be prepared with the assistance of a team of consulting designers, planners, architects, engineers and analysts.

University representatives gave a status report on the plan to town of Princeton residents, council members and planning committee members on Sept. 19, 2016.

The plan will encompass most of the lands owned by the University and will consider two planning horizons: a ten-year horizon to provide detailed guidance on near-term growth and change, and a thirty-year horizon to establish a broader strategy for development of the Princeton campus over the next generation.

The planning process will conclude in 2017, and will include strategies for land use, campus design, landscape, infrastructure, sustainability, and all modes of movement and transportation.

The planning effort will examine the critical elements of a successful campus, including spaces for teaching, learning, scholarship, research, community-building, housing, socializing, athletics and recreation, the arts and culture, technology, and health, among others.

The campus plan will support the goals and priorities established by the University's strategic planning effort that is also underway.

To lead the campus planning effort, the University has hired Urban Strategies Inc., a Toronto-based planning and urban design firm. It has created a blog where planners will discuss issues under consideration and report developments in the process. The blog will also enable faculty, staff, students, alumni, members of the community and others to ask questions and comment on development of the plan.