As the University begins its next campus planning effort, building projects from the 2006-2016 Campus Plan are under construction, such as the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment and Merwick Stanworth

The chart below shows the status of projects in the 2006-2016 Campus Plan. Click on the highlighted project name in the chart below for more details about each project, including renderings, photos and the latest news; you will be taken to a page within this site, on the Facilities site, or a news story. You may also read the latest news about campus planning and construction.

Project Planned Approved Completed
701 Carnegie Center     x
58 Prospect Ave. (Fields Center & Community House)     x
20 Washington Road   x  
Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment   x  
Arts & Transit Project   x  
Butler College     x
Campus Club     x
Child Care Facility x    
Cordish Family Pavilion     x
Firestone Library Renovation   x  
Frick Chemistry Laboratory     x
High-Performance Computing Research Center     x
Housing Master Plan      
Lakeside Graduate Housing (Hibben-Magie site)   x  
Merwick-Stanworth site   x  
Olden House     x
Princeton Neuroscience Institute & Peretsman Scully Hall     x
Roberts Stadium     x
Sherrerd Hall     x
Streicker Bridge     x

Planned = These projects have not yet been approved by the Princeton Regional Planning Board or other appropriate municipal authority. They are at various stages of development.

Approved = These projects have completed the design and public review process and have been approved for construction by either the Princeton Regional Planning Board or another appropriate municipal authority.